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          AND SIGNAGE

         Push Plates                                                    REDUCTION
         75mm Wide with
         Radius Corners
         Grade 430

            SIZE PUSH &
           KICK PLATES                       76mm Diameter Fire Signs and
            AVAILABLE                         Pictogram Signs - Screw Fixed
            TO ORDER
                                              ORDER CODE        DESCRIPTION
                                                AS8001       Fire Door Keep Shut
                                                AS8002      Fire Door Keep Locked
        ORDER CODE  HEIGHT    EACH   10+
                                                AS8003       Fire Door Keep Clear
        A7548 SSS   300mm    £2.10  £1.88
                                               AS8004       Fire Escape Keep Clear
        A7549 SSS   375mm    £3.12  £2.73
                                                AS8005        Keep Locked Shut
        A7550 SSS   500mm    £4.47  £3.03
                                                AS8006    Automatic Fire Door Keep Clear
        A7551 SSS   700mm    £6.06  £5.82
                                                AS8010         Male Pictogram
                                                AS8011        Female Pictogram
                                                AS8012       Accessible Pictogram
                                                AS8013        Unisex Pictogram
                                                AS8014      Baby Change Pictogram
                                                AS8015        Shower Pictogram
                                                AS8016         WC Pictogram
                                                AS8017           Push Sign
                                                AS8018           Pull Sign
         1.2mm Thick                              SSS EACH          SSS 10+
         Kicking Plates                            £1.50            £1.22
         SSS Grade 430 Drilled & CSK
                                                The above is just a small selection
        ORDER CODE  WIDTH   HEIGHT   EACH       of signs available. Our full range of
        A7501 SSS  706mm            £7.07        Fire & Safety Signs and Bespoke
        A7502 SSS  806mm    150mm   £8.07      Signage can be found on our website:
        A7503 SSS  906mm            £9.07

   8           01223 423 773     
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